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    Suitable to all women but particularly designed to support new moms in their journey back to movement; helping you (re)build a routine - (re)gain physical strength - (re)connect to your body.

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    DECODING CLASSICAL MAT - A step by step guide to the most emblematic Pilates sequence

    Would you like to learn the Contrology sequence but don't know where to start? In this video series you will find a detailed breakdown of all the exercises of the classical matwork, a play on the transitions between them, and a guided run through of the full sequence (for Beginner/Intermediate and Advanced levels). So to enable you to practice them safely, and empower you to perform the whole sequence at your own level.

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    Developed during the 2020 pandemic, this Self-Treatment intends to bring the benefits of Seiki Shiatsu also to those who couldn’t seek personal treatment. By treating the energy meridians, we can encourage the release of pain, tension and stress, along with their associated symptoms.

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    ON DEMAND beginners, pre&post natal

    1 hour recordings from our Gentle Pilates classes, suitable to those suffering from back pain and pre&post natal women.

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    1 hour recordings from all our Live Zoom Classes: pick your level, stream in your own time, and yet feel like you are in a real class!

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    ON-DEMAND (Italian) 🇮🇹

    A selection of ZOOM class recordings...in my mother tongue: Italian!

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    This collection contains 8 Pregnancy Pilates classes and an extra video on breathing practice to accompany your journey as mom-to-be. In these videos we focus on spinal mobility and stretches as well as upper body and hips strengthening, we also explore some breathing exercises, labor breath, and guided relaxation. Classes are numbered based on progression, but they can be played in any order as they are suitable for all trimesters.

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    Do you have little time and need something specific? These videos are for you.

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    The Classical Matwork (or Contrology) is the very essence of the Pilates Method as originally conceived by Joseph Pilates. This routine consists of 34 advanced exercises performed in sequence, works the whole body, challenges the stamina, and is characterised by a sense of flow.

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    According to oriental medicine, the meridians are energy channels that run through the whole body. Stretching the Meridians activates all the corresponding internal Organs (such as Liver, Heart, Kidneys, etc.) thus balancing their functions.

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    After an intense workout, in the middle of a busy day, or before going to sleep, these guided relaxations can help you unwind the mind, calm the heart rate, and relax your whole body.

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    Simple, short exercises to help you reconnect to your body through imagery and breath. Whether you are in the middle of a busy day and need a little time for yourself, or are feeling anxious and struggle to fall asleep, I hope these videos will help you ground the body and unwind the mind.